Curriculum Vitae

Stacee Kalmanovsky  b.1981 Gomel, Belarus, lives Chicago, IL



2012        Masters of Fine Art / The University of Chicago / Chicago, IL.

2004        Bachelors of Fine Art / The University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL.

2002        Study Abroad / Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute of Art /Florence, Italy.




2012          Artist Residency: A Paper A Drawing A Mountain / The Banff Center / Banff, Canada.

2012          Awardee in collaboration with Philippe Tapon and Clare Rosean.

                   The University of Chicago Arts / Chicago, IL.

2012        University of Chicago, Department of Visual Art, Chicago, IL.

2012          Master in Fine Arts Fellowship Nominee

                   The Dedalus Foundation, New York, NY.

2011          The Arts and Science Initiative Graduate Collaboration Grant

2010        Full Tuition Waiver based on Merit





2014          A Reciprocal Wild / The Secret Intelligence of Objects

                  Woman Made Gallery / Chicago, IL.

2012         Heat Me Up Cool Me Down

                  The Philosopher’s Knoll / Banff Art Center / Banff, Canada.

2012         Drone, MFA Thesis Exhibiton

                  Logan Center Gallery / Chicago, IL.

2011           House Guests

                   The Cat House / Chicago, IL.

2009           Territory

                    Villa Peyron al Bosco di Fontelucente / Fiesole, Italy.

2005           Rain

                    Ometti: Lo Spazio / Florence, Italy.



2013         CISCO SYSCO SISQO/ Curated by Kristof Wickman, Tom Simon, Alina Tenser

                  Rockaway Beach, NY

2013         Emerging Illinois Artists

                  McLean County Arts Center / Bloomington, IL.

2013        Sense    

                 SLAC @ Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest/ Chicago, IL.

2013        16th International Open, Group Exhibition  

                 Woman Made Gallery / Chicago, IL.

2012        Expansion

                 Lacuna Arts Center / Chicago, IL.

2012         21st Evanston and Vicinity Biennial / Curated by Shannon Stratton

                 Evanston Art Center / Evanston, IL.

2011          Animality / Open Practice Committee Seminar Exhibition

                  Dova Temporary / Chicago, IL.

2011          MDW Art Fair / Chicago, IL.

2010          Communicating Forms: Aesthetics, Relationality, Collaboration

                    Dova Temporary / Chicago, IL.

2009           Once Upon A Time and Now / curated by Susan Sensemann

                     Evanston Art Center / Evanston, Illinois.

2009           Angoli d’Arte

                    Villa Peyron al Bosco di Fontelucente / Fiesole, Italy.

2009           Sulla Propria Pelle

                    Villa Vogel / Florence, Italy.




2013           The Child Alberta Setup

                   Contributing text and image / Vancouver, BC.

2012          Wild Once and Captured by Jeff Epton

                   Full color illustrations / Chicago, IL.

2012          Paper Monument / Draw It with Your Eyes Closed:

                   The Art of the Art Assignment / n+1 Foundation / Brooklyn, NY.

                   Contributing text and image  p. 81/82.